Reality Construction



Breese Little, 30b Great Sutton Street, EC1V 0DU.

Tuesday 26th May 2015


Guest curated by Bernard Walsh.

Anne Kathrin Greiner, Amy Nickolls, Theo Tagholm, David Theobald.

Guest artist Uriel Orlow



“I have decided that seeing this is worth recording”


Spectrum’s first screening Reality Construction brings together four artists’ moving image works submitted in Spectrum’s open call. The screening explores moving image’s complex relationship with photography, cinematic language and examines the (re)construction of reality.


Anne Kathrin Greiner’s art practice is driven by a keen interest in personal and collective memory, the power of place, and questions of identity, how people relate to (and are influenced by) their environment.


Amy Nickolls’ work predominantly in video based and through her work aims to seek out a sense of absurdity and failure in the face of claims of authenticity or reality in mainstream film and T.V.


Theo Tagholm practice primarily deals with photography’s relationship to film. The mapping of the world through images and the hierarchies involved in creating a system often recur in his work.


David Theobald work centres around technology and its impact on subjectivity. Consisting primarily of digital animation, his subject matter mirrors the structure of the underlying technology used in its creation and the repetitive processes that seem central to the infrastructure of contemporary society.


Uriel Orlow lives and works in London. He makes multi-media installations that explore blind spots of history and forms of haunting and bring different image-regimes and narrative modes into correspondence.


Text works produced in response to the screening are available as a PDF download below, with contributions from Elena Colman, Jess Currie, Laeticia Guillotin, Saira Harvey James Schofield, James Tabbush and Rachel Wilson.


Spectrum initiated from a want to research and provide a platform for artists currently working with moving image. Spectrum has formed from an open call, the screening events are curated from the entries received and tailored to the entries rather than prescribing a particular 'theme' beforehand.