Breese Little, 30b Great Sutton Street, EC1V 0DU.

Tuesday 8th September 2015


Guest curated by John Bloomfield.

Louise Fitzgerald, Eden Mitsenmacher, John Lawrence, Paul Simon Richards.

Guest artists; Charlie Godet Thomas and John Smith.


Script underpins these six works; It is used in various forms to explore language and habitual rhetoric, as an exercise in philosophical and experimental writing, to dismantle barriers between audience and viewer. Borrowing in places from the stage and hypnotism, the films explore performativity, character and the theatrics of identity. Humour is often there in its driest or most muted form acting as an instantaneous connection to the viewer to deal with substantial themes.


Many thanks to Lux, John Bloomfield, Josephine Breese, Henry Little and Breese Little gallery


Full information on this screening and written works produced in response to the screening are available as a PDF here with contributions from Beth Bramich, Louisa Lee, George Toon and Daniella Valz Gen.