The digital (in)stability


11th October 2016

RCA Dyson Building, Battersea. SW11 4AN


19th November 2016

Blip Blip Blip, East Street Arts LS9 7EH

Claire Davies, Anne Haaning, John Lawrence, David Steans

Guest Curated by Harry Meadley


Guest Artists

Richard Bell (RCA Screening)

Josephine Flynn (Blip Blip Blip screening)


THE DIGITAL (IN)STABILITY brings together five works that negotiate the relationship between the human body and digital images. The films interrogate how digital forms can exploit moments of instability in both matter and identity. As an increasingly familiar processes of interrogating the personal and emotive through digital forms become apparent: Claire Davies, John Lawrence and David Steans explore the digital’s role amongst domestic spaces and offer a seemingly intimate narrative portrayal of each protagonist. Similarly in Anne Haaning’s work special effects imagery pulled from YouTube tutorials are used to find common ground between permeating digital processes and much older spiritual beliefs, provocatively questioning whether this immaterial anarchism might also offer us liberation from the very laws of physics.


Further information and a collection of writings inspired by the films selected can be accessed as a PDF here.